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Andrew & Josh 

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Our mission is to illustrate Bava Kama through comics to make the concepts easy and clear to understand in a creative way. We came up with original cases related to the Gemara, explained through comics then use the Gemara's reasoning for the explanation and analysis of the cases. To truly test your knowledge read the comic and come up with what you think the Gemara's ruling is before reading the analysis. We both are very proud of our new comics and hope you like them!

About Us

Andrew and Josh are both Juniors in high school learning Bava Kama with their Rabbi

Andrew is a graphic designer and artist that already designed comics the Torah and is very excited to expand his comic selection to include Gemara. He loves to draw and use art to make people smile.

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Josh is a photographer skilled in photoshop. Josh is interested in physics robotics and more. Josh spends most of his time when he is not working on Bava Komics on his robots